New Site for the knas Network

Apr 03
Posted April 3, 2010 11:21 by knas

This is the new site for the knas Network.
This site will publish information about updates, new features, sections and new projects for all the knas related sites. Subscribe to the main RSS-feed if you want to stay informed about news for all knas related projects. Some of the previous news and updates has also been added, check them out by browsing this site.

knas CS & CSS maps published

Feb 14
Posted February 14, 2010 05:34 by knas

A new dedicated site has been created for the knas Counter-Strike maps project. 
The development of knas maps has been halted many years ago, but we still get regular requests from people that are trying to download them. Because of this, we decided to create a site where you can find all knas CS/CSS maps that has been created over the years and also all started projects that never was finished. You can find the new site at

This is the original and complete collection of all knas maps for Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS) and Counter-Strike Source (CSS). There are many other variants floating around the internet, most of them are not official knas maps. The first maps where made all way back in 1999 and over the years, there has been many requests for these maps and questions of where to actually find them. As the development has been halted many years ago, I decided to publish them all here for the cs-comunity to use and remember. As a first step, all compiled playable cs maps has been made available for download. The next step will be to also publish the source files for all maps that wasn't completed, so that anyone who has the urge can finish the job.

New site:

Dec 10
Posted December 10, 2009 13:17 by knas

knas Coding has created a new website for the Swedish actress Ida Steen. Ida is mainly known from the theatre scene in Sweden. Visit Ida at (Site in Swedish)


knas Restarter update

Dec 10
Posted December 10, 2009 12:58 by knas

Due to multiple requests, an updated version of the Restarter Application has been released. New features in version 1.2.2 include the option to start the Restarter itself minimized.



knas LogLady Released

Dec 27
Posted December 27, 2008 15:00 by knas

New Application - knas LogLady has been released by knas Coding. LogLady is a tool for searching and analyzing multiple logfiles at the same time.
Import multiple logfiles and apply search terms to filter out matching rows from each file, presented together in a single view. Export the final results to a comma separated CSV file if needed.
Application available for download here.

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